Have I mentioned that I’m a writer?

I do writing for others. I’m always on the look out for projects. I’ve done consulting for many years, first on a casual basis and now I do it full time. Sometimes in a busy job it is hard to get writing projects started, never mind finished. I can help. I have experience writing:

  • White papers – I can do the research and produce a document that explores policy issues and recommendations in a concise, easy to read format particularly in the area of healthcare.
  • Submissions – I have written submissions to working groups, government committees, and other consultation processes to bring an organization’s point of view to the discussion.
  •  Business Plans – I have particular expertise in business planning and strategy formulation and I can write up the results of planning sessions for your organization or business in way that makes the document easy to reference.
  • Manuals for Businesses or Boards – Procedure manuals and board orientation manuals are usually the last items on a busy manager’s to-do list. Let me help you get those important policies and procedures codified so everyone is on the same page.

When I’m not writing for others, I write about life [simplified] and creating a simple and joy-filled lifestyle. You can read about my exploits here.

I’d love to work with you so contact me at Catherine@cvmccann.com.