Website Reno

I’ve just spent the last few days revising this website. The process was a bit like emptying out a room in the house and giving it a new coat of paint, followed by moving in some old decor and added a few new additions.

The timing was right.

It has been almost a year since I moved to Saltspring Island, BC. The move was stressful and I left behind an interesting teaching job and good friends. Yet, it has also been an adventure; developing new routines, making new friends, and settling into our new place. Our new home is beautiful and the island has a certain charm. Yes, charm; there is really no other word to describe it.

My career path has changed, too. I’m moving away from doing consulting work to writing novels and other types of stories. Creative writing is something I’ve wanted to do for many years but always felt I needed to follow a more responsible path. Many others late career novelists have gone before me so I don’t pretend that what I’m doing is special or magically; I just need write.

In redecorate the website, I wanted to incorporate some of my new direction. I introduced a new header photo of Ganges Harbour which is the view from my office window and I rearranged pages. I pulled the blog forward to the home page to give it more presence on the website when people come to visit. Writing is what I do now so it should be highlighted.

Even though it has been a year and half since I last wrote an email letter, I decided to pull those letters into the website. As I created blog posts for each letter and read through the contents, I was reminded that I did some good work in those letters and I still want to maintain that legacy. To that end, I’ve decided to relaunch the email letter starting January 1, 2015.

I’ve still have some pages on the website for the consulting business even though I’m feeling more and more removed from that work. It still pay the bills occasionally, plus I also don’t want to alienate my former clients. Those clients were there for me when I decided to leave my 9-5 job and it was their work that allowed me to explore this burning desire to be a writer and a novelist.

There will be a period of transition since I have yet to publish a novel. When I do publish a book, I’m going to do some more updating on the website and likely a small remodelling job.

After all, a new published novel will require its own landing page.

Cheers, Catherine  Location: Saltspring Island, BC
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