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Heavens,  you know you are in a new era when you need to unclutter the latest technology. The other day, I went through the headache of updating my OS for all my mobile Apple technology. It was painful. Apparently, I was too keen to do the updates as I had nothing put trouble doing the conversion. Apple’s servers were overloaded which caused problems for users. But I’m stubborn so I kept at it until I managed to get everything updated. Apparently though, I was lucky because I didn’t have my iPhone “brick” permanently. There was a moment where I thought it had. There were some very bad words coming out of my mouth at that point. I persevered and managed to overcome the problem. Some other folks were not so lucky.

After doing the upgrades, I elected to review the apps on my mobile devices and get them organized. When it comes to my Apple products, I find it hard to keep it simple. I like experimenting with all the neat apps in iTunes. I so get easily distracted by all the bright shiny apps that appear like magic on iTunes. I’m especially distracted by the nicely organized sections like “Best Free Apps.”

The only thing that saves me is I’m too cheap to pay for apps unless I really think they are going to add to my productivity. I refuse to buy games for example. Although, I have been known to download the odd free game. I usually regret the decision not long after, when I get sucked into playing it for hours when I have other things to do with my time.

Certainly, I’ve had to learn to scale back. Not all the apps are productive. Many are not very good. They crash or don’t perform in the way I believed they would perform.

I’m can not be bothered to rate an app though. I guess I have expectations that it should “come out of the box” doing what it is supposed to do. I do realize the world doesn’t work that way when it comes to technology. I’m more likely to just delete the app than provide any feedback. My apologies to the developers.

Sometimes, it is not that the app doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do. In some cases, it simply isn’t any better than the apps that came with the mobile device. There are so many “me-too” apps on iTunes; small variations on what is already there.

With some experience now, I’m learning to keep it simple. I don’t download an app unless I know what problem I’m trying to solve. As with any “purchase” free or not, I need to know that the app will serve a purpose in my tool kit. Sometimes the most useful tools are the most elegantly simple ones.

I’ve now scaled way back on the number of apps I keep. These are the ones I use regularly and work consistently. Even in the high tech world, it seems simple is still best.

Cheers, Catherine, Location:Edmonton, AB


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