Twitter Lessons: Always More to Learn

A while ago, I wrote about some lessons I learned in my early days of using Twitter and shared them here. Since that time though, I have not contributed much via Twitter mainly because I didn’t really have anything of value to share.

I know the value and commerce of the retweet yet so much of what comes though my timeline is rehashed stuff. Well worn quotes, retweets of “the news,” as well as comments on other tweets that do not really add to the conversation (other than to confirm the individual’s herd mentality). Now having said that, I have done all these things on Twitter, too.

As I started to follow more people than I thought possible, I did learn about using lists to sort the feeds. My favourites list are those folks I follow faithfully. From there, I have sorted everyone else out into predominant topics of their tweets or based on their profile. I look at these lists occasionally.

Who makes my favourites list, you might ask? I’m discovering that people who use twitter as a means to communicate original and creative information or observations makes it to the all star list. I also seem to gravitate towards those folks who have a keen sense of humour.

Here are a few examples. The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond is laugh out loud funny on Twitter. She also has a really fun and interesting blog about ranch life. It is a glimpse into a loving family where work and play amount to the same thing. Her photo blogs are so creative. She also plays a game on Twitter asking followers to guess movie quotes. The only improvement I would make is to ask her to update Twitter when she has a new blog posting. I think her writing also makes me nostalgic for my childhood since I was raised on a farm.

I follow Tammy Strobel from RowdyKittens (cute name for a blog) and have followed her since I got interested in blogging myself. She is my super hero. I figure that some day I will be able to give up the nutty and stressful job I have to do work like Tammy.  So why do I follow her on Twitter? She posts interesting pictures and observations. She gives us little descriptions of her simplified lifestyle. Lately there have been updates on the progress of their tiny house which she and her husband are building. It really does keep you coming back to see what’s up or what’s next for Tammy. I have also bought a few of her eBooks. Reading these books has inspired me start writing my own.

So in summary:

  1. Twitter users that post original or creative tweets, links, or photos make it to my favourites list.
  2. People who use the medium to share quick and insightful thoughts are more interesting.
  3. Those folks that tweet or retweet every 15 minutes (almost a guarantee that the information will not be original) certainly do not make it to my favourites list.
  4. Creating an interesting Twitter game probably will catch my attention because sometimes you just want a distraction!


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