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now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast… πŸ™‚

For those people who know me, they may be surprised by my decision to start this blog and website. However, when I was thinking back over my career there have been a number of things I’ve done that have prepared me for this moment.

the preparation

  • Pharmacy school – I learned about caring for people and how to really listen to individual concerns.
  • Queens University MBA – Although I don’t believe that having a business degree is a requirement for creating and running a business, this degree provides credibility. It has opened many doors for me.
  • Dr. Ken Wong’s marketing course – This was the first time I had heard of permission marketing, a concept I completely endorse. Seth Godin seems to endorse it, too. πŸ™‚
  • Collaboration – I would be hard pressed to think of any project I’ve done or job I’ve had where I did not collaborate with others.
  • Web Development & “New Media” – about ten years ago I took a series of courses at my (then) local community college. I learned about html, javascript, website useability, CSS among other courses. I dabbled for a while in building some websites but I found it was incredibility time consuming given the state of the software then. However, I learned about what was “under the hood” in website creation.
  • Starting my own business – I started my own consulting firm (Sapere Consulting) that I operated for several years on a part time, casual basis. I learned to operate a very low cost business. Most of my work came from word of mouth. It was profitable for several years until I could no longer devote the time necessary to keep it viable.
  • Coaching – About 8 years ago, I worked for several months with a career and personal development coach. I took what I learned through that process to coached several clients through my consulting firm. I attended coaching conferences that provided me with some great insights into the power of coaching. I also read almost everything I could get my hands on about the subject.
  • Blogging – last summer as I explored some ideas for another business venture, I learned about blogging. I read everything I could find about the topic. I also practiced blogging privately until I was confident in using the tools and finding my voice.
  • Website building in 2010 – I went back to my roots and experimented with website building again. I tried iWeb on my iMac, but found it was too limited for what I wanted to do. However, it provided a great opportunity to experiment again with website creation and presentation. Eventually, I learned about WordPress and that’s what I’m using now.

As you can see, despite the eclectic experiences I’ve had (among many, many other learning opportunities), it all seemed to come together when I decided in October it was time to get serious about a new business. I pulled together a business plan, I started working on content for blog postings, and I started to quietly share my thoughts on this new venture with close friends.

Finally, at the end of December, over my Christmas vacation from my day job, I developed and launched theΒ  “Catherine V McCann” website and blog. “Ta Da!”

the moral of the story?

  • Determining what you love doing even is it takes a few years of experimenting!
  • Try different things if they interest you.
  • Learn something new, even if at the time it does not seem to have any real utility or immediate value.
  • Try and try again; some ventures will fail but that’s okay.

your turn

  • When in your life have felt your preparation met the perfect opportunity?
  • Have you followed your passion and then found that what you learned was incredibly helpful later on?

Let me know about it all in the comments. I’m curious about your experiences.

Cheers, Catherine


Thanks for reading! If you found this information useful, informative or even entertaining, pass it along. I really appreciate it!

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