my little experiment with no goals

This week I’ve been experimenting with a concept. I’ve been trying to get along in my day with no task list or any goals. Now, for a women who has been the queen of lists all her life, this is a big step.

I got the idea from Leo over at Zen Habits. In his book Focus, he describes a process of letting go of goals. The concept is deceptively simple, but a bit scary. There is no doubt it is hard to implement.

I like control. Letting go of task lists and goals means lighting up. It feels like losing control. Of course the question is what did I think I was controlling by having task lists and goals. The future? Of course not, no one has control over the future. Leo makes this point very well in his book.

Maybe the lists provided a security blanket. A means of ensuring nothing was forgotten in a busy day. Yes, that was true to some degree but it was also stressful thinking about all the chores that I had. Many days, I didn’t finish what was on the list anyway. So although the task wasn’t forgotten, it wasn’t done either.

The fact that I can be so busy that I need a list to remind me what to do seems “wrong” somehow. What I need to do is reduce my commitments and the number of projects I undertake. This busy-ness is a symptom. A symptom of my inability to say “no” to the multitude of requests that come my way.

So, for this week, and maybe longer, I’m going to manage without a task list or a set of goals. I’m just going to focus on what feels right, what I feel I should be doing in the moment.

Wish me luck!

Cheers, Catherine


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