Mac Power User

I’m an Apple tech convert. I use MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad and I would love to get an Apple watch some day. I groan whenever I need to use the Microsoft Windows operating system because after you have used a Mac, you never look back.

A while back, I discovered a weekly podcast called MPU (Mac Power Users) on Relay FM. I listen to their podcasts whenever I can. The podcast is hosted by Katie Floyd and David Sparks, two American lawyers, who are smart, funny and tech savvy. They have great on air rapport and seem to genuinely love doing their show. The podcast itself has little to with their day jobs as lawyers. They talk Apple and productivity workflows. Their ideas can be used by anyone who wants to use Mac technology better and more efficiently. They interview great guests, many of whom are generous with ideas and processes for using the Mac in all it’s variations. I have learned to use my Apple technology so much better by listening to MPU. 

If you want to be a Mac Power User or just learn a tip or trick that makes using your Mac products just a little easier, check them out:

Cheers, Catherine

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