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I spent some time on the weekend reviewing my website and my social media strategy. It seems like every few months you need to have a quick peak at things to make sure they are still fresh and relevant.The technology and the offerings keep changing and as a result you need to keep changing to stay current. I don’t mind actually. The constant change in the internet world is good reminder to go back to your own home base and check things out. Are the tools you are using still meeting your needs. As always, I’m constantly striving to keep things simple.

After some initial hesitation I elected to delete my Facebook page (not to be confused with my personal Facebook site). I found that there were so many limitations to the site and it wasn’t really meeting my needs. There are literally millions of pages out there and everyone looks the same. It is difficult to differentiate yourself and your work in this environment.

The other consideration was that I didn’t feel I had a clear goal for the page. It seemed to stay pretty static except for my Twitter and blog updates. The page had become an aggregator of my posts but I already have a website for that purpose.

I’ve been using Twitter as the place where I announce my blog posts. As I actually have followers there, the chances are greater that someone may actually click the link and read the post. Twitter for me has become a place to share information. I use the tweet like I would a short news release. The ability to link to content is brilliant.

Another change I made was to remove the buttons on my website asking people to follow me on LinkedIn and on Facebook. My personal Facebook site will be for my private use and for private conversations. LinkedIn is a very robust site and sets a professional business tone. For my day job and for my business network, this site is ideal. However, I have very different goals for my writing and for the website I’m using to showcase my craft. I don’t need to send folks off to those sites. They are not generally open to the public anyway.

Twitter will still feed my blog posts or other Twitter posts to my Facebook page so my friends and family can see what I post to Twitter. That is the beauty of automation in the internet universe.

Now I am looking at Google+ and trying to determine how I will use it. Managing conversations through comments as others have pointed out is not very organic or real. Anyone can posted to the comments section (although I have not had anyone really do that yet). It also requires maintenance I’ve heard which may create problems for me later on.

The amount of control you can have on Google+ creates an environment where you can get feedback on a blog post in private or in public. You can start a conversation and test ideas with a small (or large group) of people. I also like that fact that you have to “own” your comments. This is a philosophy I hold dear to my heart. Unless there is a reason to fear reprisals, I believe in a civilized society we need to own our beliefs. I will always respect your position and you as a person, even if I don’t agree with your position. I ask the same of you in return.

So my experiment will be to pose a few questions on Google+ along with my blog post and see what conversation gets started. Will you join me there?

Cheers, Catherine, Location:Edmonton, AB


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Google+  (I’m experimenting with Google+ so come join me in a conversation over there.)



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