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This week I started an experiment to see if I could write at least 300 words a day. My goal is write; that is all. What I produce may be good or awful, but the point is that I’m writing. With practice, I trust that I will get better. Writing these words every day and then posting them to this blog, is an accountability mechanism, even if no else reads what I write.Earlier this week, I wrote a short review on Anne Lamott’s book called “Bird by Bird.” Anne insists that if you do the work, you will eventually see results. A certain discipline is needed to create. You need to show up and do the work. She really did inspire me to give it a serious try.

I write almost daily in my day job. It is technical writing which is not very creative and sometimes not very interesting. Yet, it is still writing, and it is still practice. I also get the benefit of feedback and editing from my work colleagues. In this blog, I have not asked for editing assistance, but maybe one day I’ll find someone willing to act as my editor.

I am also working on an ebook. The writing for this book is more than the 300 word blog posts I write here. To date, it has proved challenging to find the time to concentrate and be productive. I have been overwhelmed with the prospect of this large project, but by breaking down the process into smaller pieces I can be productive. I’m learning.

In a blog format, I can write short pieces about my thoughts for the day. I don’t have to be to particular about the spelling or grammar (although I try really hard to check over an entry before I publish). Writing this ebook requires more discipline and a higher standard perhaps.

Will writing 300 words per day make me a writer? Perhaps this question is not the right one to ask. I need to identify myself as a writer first and then do the work of writing. Thanks to Anne, I have given myself permission to be a writer, so I now I need to write.

Cheers, Catherine


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