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Daily Blogging

I watched an online video interview of Seth Godin recently. The interviewer asked him why he blogs daily. His response surprised me. He said that he blogs daily so that he is forced to really be present in his day. He is always looking for an insight or an interesting idea that he can write about. The discipline of daily writing forces him to pay attention. It may also force him to be selective about how he spends his time. “I’d write every day even if no one read the blog.”

I now have one more reason to write consistently.

Cheers, Catherine

New and Improved Website

Gosh, it has been a while since I posted here.

I’ve been so busy and unfortunately, some things get neglected – like these posts.

The good news is that I spent today doing a total revamp – top to bottom – on this website. I rewrote pages, added some new material, and voila, we have a refreshed website. I even learned a trick or two about WordPress (my site host) that I didn’t know before.

Please look around http://cvmccann.com and let me know what you think.

Cheers, CatherineLocation:Edmonton, AB
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