Gifts: Consumables versus Things

A few days ago, I published a post on holiday stress. I suggested that perhaps a truce on gift giving could be called as a way to manage stress around the holidays.

I know that some people still like to give gifts. Yesterday, I suggested that an alternative to giving gifts is making donations in the name of family and friends.

Another alternative gift idea is to give gifts that are meant to be consumed. Some examples could be wine (homemade wine is special), chocolate, homemade cookies or baking, or food gift baskets. Some years I have made up a variety of baking and homemade candies (Almond Roca anyone?) in reusable containers for my friends and family. Sometimes I will include index cards with the recipe for some of my friends who like to bake.

Question: What is your thought on providing consumable gifts in lieu of things during the holidays?

Cheers, Catherine, Location:Edmonton, AB


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