Clutter Busting

Since quitting my job, I’ve been tackling projects around my house that never seemed to get done when I worked full time. My intention is to reduce the amount of clutter I have around my house to create a fresh perspective. I also want to simplify my surroundings. I use the following approach.

  • I select just one small area. For example I might start on one cupboard that is full of clutter.
  • I remove everything from inside.
  • I wipe the inside and outside the cupboard to ensure it is clean.
  • I take a moment to decide the purpose of this storage space. This step is important as it will determine what I put back into it. To avoid the problem of labeling the area “a catch all” where items go to get lost, I try to be as specific as I can. For example, I may decide the cupboard will be used to organize storage containers.
  • I sort through the contents that I removed from the cupboard. I return the things that will be stored in there. I ensure that I only return one of each item or only one set of each item. Why only one of each thing? It makes it easier to find an item. Besides I can only use one item at a time. It also makes me more conscientious about looking after what I have. If I only have one, I’ll make sure I put the item back where I found it.
  • Usually, I have a number of left over items that will not go back into the cupboard. I sort through those items and decide their fate. I create a pile to keep, a pile to sell, if the item could be worth some money, and a pile for donation.
  • If I am keeping items, I find a new home for them.
  • If I plan to sell an item, I will try to sell them on eBay, Craigslist, or Kijiji depending on the item.
  • The donation pile gets put into a box labelled for donation. Our city has a wonderful Reuse Centre that takes a large number of items. I will also donate to the Canadian Diabetes Association which will come a pick up used clothes and household items from the house.

After I finish one area, if I feel like it and have time, I move onto the next area to clutter bust. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m finished.

Question: How do you tackle clutter around your home?

Cheers, Catherine, Location: Edmonton, AB


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