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Today is Boxing Day, the traditional post holiday “shop ’til you drop” day for bargains. It’s an opportunity to buy everything that you didn’t get for Christmas. I’m not fond of shopping and to add crowds of bargain hunters into the mix just makes me tired thinking about it. I don’t need “a bargain” that badly.

Here is a different idea. Why don’t you skip the malls and take a few minutes today to write down the names of those who sent you Christmas cards and gifts this year? Gather up all the cards and gift tags. Write down the names on a list in your note book or on your computer along with what you received. Now you have a list you can use for thank you cards and for next year’s Christmas card list or email card list.

If you are really keen, you can also update addresses in your contacts software or address book as needed. I find the easiest way to keep track of those new addresses is to to copy them off the return address on the envelop or print them on the back of the card until you are ready to put them into your contacts system. You can also update your own Christmas card labels or list for next year including your email addresses for your email holiday card list. If you update the list now, it means there is one less thing to do next year.

The last step is to recycle the cards and gift tags by putting them in the recyle bin. Another option is to save the covers of some of the pretty, cute or special cards for use as gift labels next year if you give gifts. As I have mentioned before, I prefer to give donations, experiences and consumables instead of things.

I do have one other idea. Instead of hitting the shopping malls today, perhaps you can give thanks for everything you already have. As I look at the many gifts and privileges I have, I am truly grateful.

Cheers, Catherine, Location:Edmonton, AB

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