I’m in the process of redesigning and radically changing my lifestyle.

People crave simplicity but often feel overwhelmed by information, technology, and by experts telling them what to do. What people really want is elegant solutions to their everyday problems. I’m working on crafting those elegant solutions in my own life and I’m willing to share what I’m learning.

I’ll be successful when I’m:

  • Location independent – it doesn’t matter where I am in the world I can still do my work.
  • Financially self-sufficient – enough said.
  • Healthy and happy – I’m looking for the joy, people!
  • Engaged in meaningful relationships – at home, in my community and online.
  • Having fun doing it all – I do serious work but I don’t have to take myself seriously.

Along the way, I share the ups and downs, provide some hard earned advice on what I’ve learned (or am learning), and basically have a record of my lifestyle redesign.

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