Small Steps, Big Impact

I have lost my enthusiasm for setting audacious elaborate goals. Setting learning goals is a prime example. My professional college would like me to follow a SMART goal setting exercise to set learning goals. I have tried this method and I find it artifical.

My learning happens more organically. If I try to set a big goal to learn a skill or knowledge, I find it hard to do. It seems like too much work. I can break it down into smaller bite size pieces, but even that exercise feels wrong. I end up doing a fair bit of rework during the process.

My approach is to use real life problems from practice. It just works better for me. I reflect on my day, think about what I could have done better and the information I could have used. From there I can determine what I need to learn so I can apply it next time. It is real time learning based on a practice need.

It is a small step approach where I build on my foundations and grow professionally as a result. Small steps lead to a big impact.

Cheers, Catherine

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