Grief, its not a competition

Loss, its a part of life and its experienced by everyone.

I was reminded of this truth recently, when a good friend of mine had to put a beloved dog to sleep. The decision was painful and the process of going to the vet one last time was hard as you would expect.
Some might say, in a callous fashion, that it was just a dog. It is not the same as losing a spouse, parent or child.

Grief is a personal journey. Losing a parent I’m sure is hard, losing a family member, or dear friend is hard, or a favourite pet. I don’t think grief is a competition. Every individual will feel their loss in in their own way. The pain is just as acute and just as personal.

It reminds us there is nothing permanent in this life. Death is the inevitable conclusion.

No matter the loss, there is the process of finding a new way in the absence of the loved one. When our dog was put to sleep in April, it was very hard to come home to find her leash, bed, kennel, and her food and water dishes. To deal with my grief, I had to immediately box up and store away her belongings. Every time I saw her things, I experienced the loss again. I simply couldn’t cope with her death any other way.

I also found my profound sadness was no less difficult than when I lost my grandparents.

I also experience grief in small ways every day. I’m sure you do, too. We experience loss every time we make a change in our lives. The good news is that loss is balanced by new experiences and maybe new relationships. To appreciate the joy in life, we need to appreciate the sadness.

As it is said many times, death of a loved one is hardest on the ones left behind. Fortunately, we have our family or community to help us through those dark hours.

Cheers, Catherine


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