being thankful

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada. The Monday following the weekend is a statutory holiday and usually a time for families to get together. In my family it is also one of the holidays generally celebrated with large quantities of food. 🙂While, I don’t want to necessarily dwell on the food and my expanding waistline, I do want to reflect on being thankful.

This past Thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I welcomed some friends to join us for turkey dinner. It was pot luck style although I made the traditional stuffed turkey. Oh, that turkey was lovely. That old bird was roasted to perfection and the stuffing was savory and moist. The oven’s temperature probe did it’s magic.

The accompanying side dishes were equal to the task and our friends brought salads among other side dishes along with a great supply of wine. Some of these side dishes were made with vegetables from our garden. Dessert was a version of pumpkin pie that was kind of like a cheesecake as well as a traditional apple pie using apples from the tree that our friends have. The meal was a mix of the traditional and the new. It was a fabulous feast.

After all the hub bub of getting the meal on the table with everyone’s plates loaded up, we had a little toast with our wine to thanksgiving the holiday and the intent. It became quiet around the table as we ate our meal, which is usually a sign that the meal is good. As I ate, I also reflected to myself how nice it is to have this moment, surrounded by friends and my husband. As stressful as my life seems, these occasions are very precious moments to savour. I was very grateful and humbled.

The clean up took part of that evening and a chunk of the next day but it was worth it. As I did up the remaining dishes and pots, I was especially grateful for my dishwasher.

Cheers, Catherine


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